College of Human Settlements Environment

There are more than 1600 students in Habitat Environment College, offering engineering cost, architectural design, construction engineering technology, construction engineering technology (assembly direction), construction engineering technology (landscape engineering direction), construction engineering management, interior art design, environmental art design, advertising design and production, film and television animation specialty. Relying on the development of construction industry, Habitat Environment College combines science and art perfectly to forge the traditional art strength of Polytechnic College, pays attention to the cultivation of students'comprehensive quality and innovation ability, pays attention to engineering concept, engineering practice education and art practice education in teaching, and implements the personnel training mode of "professional skills + post certificate + graduation certificate". In order to meet the students'practice and training requirements, the Institute of Human Settlements Environment has established in-school training rooms and studios for building materials and soil mechanics, building CAD, building structure PKPM, engineering mechanics, engineering survey, budget software, etc. We have established a long-term cooperative off-campus training base with sixteen enterprises, which has laid a good foundation for students'practical employment. Guided by the actual working process, the college integrates theoretical teaching into practical teaching, realizes that the learning process of students is consistent with the working process of employment posts, and the teaching effect is remarkable. Graduates have solid basic theoretical knowledge, strong adaptability, and quick entry into the role. They are highly praised by employers. A large number of students have become the backbone and backbone of technology in various units. In recent three years, the employment rate of graduates has reached 98%, and the corresponding employment rate has reached 92%. Main Employment Units: China Railway Group, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Hebei Second Survey Institute, 1+2 United Real Estate Group, Anlian Real Estate Group, Hebei Construction Survey and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Home Market Management Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Daye Meijia Home Decoration Co., Ltd., Today's Decoration Design Co., Ltd.