School of Health Management

There are more than 1000 students in the School of Health Management. There are four majors in health management, midwifery, nursing, drug management and management. With the reform and opening of national policy and the change of people's medical concept, midwifery and health management specialty were added in our hospital in 2016 and 2017. The School of Health Management attaches great importance to the construction of teaching staff. Teachers are rich in clinical practice and teaching experience, have won provincial awards for many times, and have published many medical papers. At present, more than 20 out-of-school military and local training and practice bases have been established, with more than 2300 square meters of nursing experiment and training sites, and more than 1000 sets of practice and training equipment, which fully meet the needs of teachers and students in teaching and learning. Our hospital maintained a high pass rate in the national nurse qualification examination: in the national nurse qualification examination in 2009, the pass rate of our students reached 90%, and the pass rate of the whole province was 55%; in the national nurse qualification examination in 2010, the pass rate of 07 graduates reached 97%; in the national nurse qualification examination in 2011, the new examination reform mode was implemented, and the pass rate of 08 graduates in our hospital reached 88%; The passing rate of students in our institute is 92%, 60% in the whole province; in 2013, 93% in our institute; in 2014, 90% in our institute; in 2015, 91% in our institute; in 2016, 91.3% in our institute; in 2017, 88% in our institute; in 2018, 83.9% in our institute. Yuan Shaobei, a nursing student of Grade 08 Health Management College, won the second prize of the higher vocational college group in the final of the 11th "Century Star" English Speech and the 2010 "Foreign Research Association Cup" National English Speech Contest in Hebei Province. Huang Aiwei, an international nursing student of Grade 08 Health Management College, won the first prize in the 11th National College English Competition. Wei Meixia, a nursing student of Grade 09 School of Health Management, won the second prize of the National Public English Group in the first National Final of the "National English Writing Competition for Higher Vocational and Technical Colleges"; Zhao Xing and Li Ran, two students of Grade 08, won the third prize of the 2009 Hebei University Challenge Cup. The paper "Investigation Report on Nurse Brain Loss" by Qishuo, Shi Jingsi and Wang Bing of Grade 12 won the third prize of Hebei University Students Challenge Cup in 2013. Under the guidance of teachers Wang Shuhua and Song Xuezheng, two classmates of Grade 13, Li Qing and Zhang Xiao, completed "New Channel for Nursing Students'Employment to Adapt to the Population Development Trend to Community"Family Health Care Officers"and won the award of"Selection"in 2015. Battle Cup is the third prize in Hebei University Students'Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition; under the guidance of Mr. Li, Li Xinyu and Wang Jiawen, two students of Grade 14, who cooperated with each other, won the third prize in the Final of the Extracurricular Academic Works Competition of Hebei Province "Challenge Cup" in 2015. The novel theme of "Mistaken Area of Elderly People's Health" in their works has become a new theme in the competition. One of the highlights was invited to the finals to participate in the exhibition, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the judges. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 90%. More than 100 of them work in Grade A hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang and other major cities or provincial capitals, which generally reflects well. In view of the shortage and urgent need of nursing talents abroad, the teaching of English listening, speaking, reading and writing has been strengthened in nursing classes. The excellent graduates of the School of Health Management go abroad to Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia and other countries for employment or undergraduate study. A stable and mature foreign employment channel has been formed. Among them, 2007 grade Li Zhenzhen and 2008 grade Shenh are currently employed in Saudi Riyadh Hospital, Jia Shun and Cheng Yanyan are employed in Daman Hospital and Jeddah Hospital respectively; Li Suocheng and Wu Min are currently employed in Almana Hospital; 2007 grade Yang Peixuan is currently studying for a doctor of dentistry in the Philippines; 2007 grade Yuan Xin is an undergraduate at Kendy University in Melbourne, Australia; and 2007 grade Chen Cong. Students study in Australia for undergraduate degree, and Dong Ying in 2008 for undergraduate degree at Auckland University of Business Administration, New Zealand.