Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing College currently has more than 1000 students. It has seven majors: industrial robotics technology, UAV application technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing, Mechatronics technology, numerical control technology and electrical automation technology. At present, there are 62 full-time and part-time teachers, 42 Vice-Senior and above titles, 28 postgraduates, and more than 80% of them are "double-qualified" teachers. There are four large-scale training centers, namely, North China Industrial Robot Training Center, Metalworking Training Center, Welding Training Center and Electrical and Electronic Test Training Center. The total value of the equipment is more than 19 million yuan. The North China Industrial Robot Training Center invests 15.9 million yuan. It is the largest robot training base in North China. It has the richest training equipment and the most practical courses. Welding training center, with more than 100 advanced welding and cutting equipment, can meet all kinds of welding training, can be called the most complete training center in Hebei Province. Mechatronics technology specialty is the key development specialty. Several business experts were employed as part-time teachers in the department. Teachers have strong strength, which lays a solid foundation of human resources for teaching. College and Hebei Guoshi Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanyi Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., Huangming Solar Energy Co., Ltd., Beijing Sublimation Elevator Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tianzhong Zhongzhi Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Jiajie Boiler Co., Ltd., Hebei Tiangong Group, Shijiazhuang Tianze Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Shougang Group, Great Wall Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and other large and medium-sized machines Machinery enterprises have established a long-term cooperative relationship, providing students with a good platform for practice and training. Graduates'one-time employment rate reached 85%, and the total employment rate reached 98%. They ranked first among the branches of Polytechnic institutes.